Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The shame of atheism

My wife, Cori, who is a Christian, has written an interesting article on her blog about the shame of atheism.

Check it out and feel free to comment.


KenC said...


This revelation adds a new twist to my stumbling onto your blog.

Seeing the ensuing dichotomy of your life married to a Christian makes it obvious to me that you are more likely than most to be open about your struggles.

I hope to be able to participate in your future discussions to hopefully bring some lucid reasoning on the Christian faith.

Methinks that someone is praying for you!!! ;^)

Anonymous said...

I left a comment at your wife's blog. I have been with a Christian lady for two years. I think our differing perspectives on her religion are probably the largest, if not the only source of friction in our relationship. We rarely discuss religion, mainly because she will get upset. I just get my feelings hurt because my thoughts on the matter mean nothing to her, while she will sit for over an hour every Sunday and listen to her minister, who basically has no contact with her except the occasional handshake and kind word on Sunday morning. Odd...
I know it is a combination of differing personalities and religious perspectives, but why does she value the opinion of a man she sees once a week, over the man she sleeps next to and wakes up to every night and day?

Dan said...

I'm in the same position as the previous commenter (and all the rest of you folk who are non-theists married to a theist). I agonize over the fact that my thoughts used to be so important to my wife and now they are cast aside as delusion, complete with distrust. It's a very difficult life to lead. I'm glad there are people who can make these marriages work. I don't know if ours will survive - and we're coming up on our 25th anniversary.

I was a xian for almost 40 years, and even pastored for a while. My wife and I parent 11 children, ranging from 3 yrs to 24yrs.

KenC said...


I'm interested in how you "fell from grace".

Was it a result of "going through the motions" and not seeing the results that the other "salesmen" were achieving, or was this an intellectual departure from the faith?

dan said...

I've got my own blog on xanga called 'beyondfear' that would be a starting place, but I have yet to populate it with all the details. Feel free to check it out if you're interested.