Wednesday, January 07, 2009

An atheist's response to Psalms 14:1

Came across this short video while browsing YouTube. Take a look and let me know what you think.


Ben said...

I thought it a bit immature, but then it was created by a teenager. Not to condescend, it's just that (and I feel this is a fundament of Atheism) I don't feel validated because other atheists happen to be accomplished scientists or actors. Even though it seems that some think we still need to be validated within society, I've never thought of an "atheist's plight" or the like.

I was also a bit offended by the comparison to "blacks, gays, immigrants, lesbians, or even Muslims..." I know that's a product of the survey's author, which of course has to be taken into consideration since it was written in Minnesota. It's a strange place.

Kevin Parry said...

Hi Ben

Thanks for your comment. I am quite weary about the statistics presented in the video (percentage of atheists in prison, percentage who are likely to divorce, etc). I've seen these before, but have always been somewhat sceptical. Atheists comprise a relatively small group in society, and from what I understand about statistics, it is difficult to accurately determine the characteristics of small groups in sample surveys. So I always approach statistics regarding atheists with some caution, and I normally refrain from using them in arguments.

Ben wrote
I don't feel validated because other atheists happen to be accomplished scientists or actors.

Good point! I don't know if I want to be associated with Bill Gates in any way. He might have given billions to charity, but the way his company has entrenched itself to control and discourage competition leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth :-)

Anonymous said...


I saw an ant the other day. A creature with a certain mission if e'er there were one. And somewhat quieter than the thrushes.

I remain, &c.
Your most humble & obedient servant.
Colonel Brandon.
Nature Diary

Indrayani aka, Indi! said...

I like the last line of the whole presentation carl sagan...
I thought the other examples were good too... they were tryin to make a point...
We just need to look at the whole picture.. and not rip it apart...:)

Anonymous said...

To a degree, I think one's interpretation of this depends on one's definition of the word "fool." The maker of this little montage seems to believe that it is ridiculous to believe that true "fools" can achieve such worldly success. The Bible, however, asserts that it is foolish to "gain the world, yet to lose your soul" (Mark 8:36).


Nikeyo said...

I think the best comments were already made, even the above Anon makes a point concerning contextual reading of the Bible. The verse is speaking with the assumption that there is a God. Taking that assumption into mind, if there is a God, and as the Bible says his nature is in fact clear, then yes we'd probably all be revealed to be fools and our acts all naught.

I am also weary of statistics though, usually they're weighted in some way. And can we really compare quantities and qualities of a group of people? Certainly if the statistic was large, it'd be general knowledge anyway and not have to be proven. Should we really celebrate over a 3% or even 10% difference? That and point to all the great people who were Atheist, there were great people who were Christians as well.

If the author is trying to clear the assumption by religious people that ALL atheists are terrible people who never contribute to society and don't care about their neighbor,then in a way he's done so. But this should be an obvious point, as we're all human. It's not such a clear point to some, as people take that verse the wrong way.. but should be obvious nonetheless.

Jim said...

I'm quite happy this video is on YouTube. I hope it gets a million hits. Its message is poignant and important.

TODMAG said...

I think that atheists in general are very brave people.

Like Carl Sagan said, Atheists think it is better to base their position on what they can see feel hear and understand with their physical senses and refuse to consider the remotest possibility that maybe, there really is a God.

This is in spite of the well admitted fact that Human understanding is severely limited. Our total capacity to comprehend even the physical universe is like a bucket while the amount of knowledge out there is like an ocean.

I think it's ok to hold that kind of a position if the stakes weren't so high, ie, the possibility of eternal separation from a loving God.

In short, atheists bet with more than just their lives, they bet with their eternity.

I only hope that you bump into God before you leave earth for good. Just like Ian McCormack.

Check him out here


Anonymous said...

What human finite mind can "grasp" the universe "as it really is"?

However, satisfying and reassuring, believing that the universe was created by "chance" is to persist in delusion.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting video. I dont have a problem with athiest myself, although I am a christian. The beef I have with the original poster is that there is a distinct difference in "fool" or "vile" than the average athiest might think. Fool does not mean dumb or stupid. It is the Bibles way of relaying an offensive message. Example: "A fool says there is no sun." And the Bibles interpretation of good is different than ours. We think it is good for someone to give to the poor. The Bible says that good is to be like God. As humans, we cannot do it. We are vile if God is true. I say this because we all know our own hearts. All the good we do is for our pleasure and the feeling we did something good. If God is in us, like the Bible says, our goodness comes from Him. Just my thoughts.