Saturday, November 04, 2006

One candle on the cake!

This blog celebrated its first birthday on the 12th October. I just want to say thank you to all that have sacrificed their time to make comments. I want to thank Tin Soldier, Roger, Peter, Lui, SuperSkeptic, Cori, eddie, Skywolf, Jason Hughes, tichius, Dar, Mike, Marc and many others for challenging my thinking and providing fascinating discussion on this blog. I hope to write many more articles regarding my thoughts on religion, atheism, God, evolution and philosophy; and I’m looking forward to another year of discussion with you all.

Looking back over the 60 articles that I’ve written over the past year, there are many that provide some detail regarding the reasons to why I left Christianity. But the one article that I think adequately captures – in just a few short paragraphs – the feelings I went through during my faith struggle, is an article I posted earlier this year. It is called One-way Mirror, and is posted below.

One-way Mirror
This is a little something I wrote up. It captures the feelings I went through when I lost my faith.

I could never see what was behind the one way-mirror, but I always believed and truly felt that there was an awesome presence there; a presence worthy of the highest respect, but also – to me – an intimate friend. I used to speak directly to the mirror, believing that that the presence – possibly in some adjoining room – listened, and cared for me. Sometimes I even thought that the presence spoke back to me, although not in an audible voice, mind you. Its messages had to be found and studied elsewhere: in a book, from other people, from a feeling deep down inside of me. There was never any direct correspondence.

One day I started to doubt that there was someone behind the mirror. I asked – and then cried – for the hidden presence to reveal itself. It did not, and in a final stroke of frustration I flung my chair at it. The mirror shattered into a thousand pieces, and I suddenly froze when I saw that there was no room behind the mirror. No friend. Just a blank, solid wall.

“But this is impossible”, I cried to myself, “I know, deep down inside, that someone was there. I could feel his presence. I could hear his small, still voice. If there was no-one there, where did all these impressions come from? Where did all the certainty and belief have its source?”

I suddenly looked down and found my answer. From one of the shards of glass on the floor, I saw a reflection – a face looking back at me.

The face was my own. . .


Anonymous said...

Happy blogging birthday man.

Interesting analogy you put forward with the mirror, makes a person think. Can I ask one thing, what would be the mirror that you shattered that kept you from finding out what lay behind it.

Just a question I pondered as I think of what my mirror may be, or even the chair thrown at the mirror. What was the greatest thought or doubt that eventually broke the mirror down.

Just a thought

Thanks for the thoughts and interesting essays!

Jason Hughes said...

Happy birthday to your blog!

What doe sone get a blog for its birthday? I know it's only one, but one is still the first of many to come...

Something that says "Awesome job, great work," "thought-provoking dicussions," and "I wish I had thought of that!" without being pretentious....


Congrats, Kevin!

Dar said...

Happy Blogday, Memoirs! Kevin, you are an awesome writer. Your articles have been thought provoking and obviously straight from the heart. I look forward to many more!

Hope all is going well with your management program!

eddie{F} said...

Happy Birthday

And for what it's worth, I have learnt a tremendous amount from you in how to "let go" Thanks!!!

Skywolf said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Blog!

I've throughly enjoyed reading your blog since finding it several months ago, Kevin. It's been highly thought-provoking and has brought about some excellent discussions, not to mention often hitting with amazing accuracy on my own similar feelings and experiences.

Keep up the good work. :) I'll certainly keep reading.

r10b said...

Congrats. I look forward to the upcoming year.

Regarding "One-Way Mirror": Have you (or Cori) ever read C.S. Lewis's "Till We Have Faces"?

Kevin Parry said...

Thank you for all the b-day wishes!

Marc: there wasn't a single silver bullet that caused me to move away from Christianity. It was a number of things. However, I'm busy writing a single post that lists the problems with Christianity that influenced my decision (Mike asked for this in an earlier post). I will post it up as soon as I'm finished.

R10b: I haven't read "Till We Have Faces", but Cori has (the book is sitting in our bookshelf). I think I will take it with me when we go on holiday in December.

All the best

r10b said...

I hope you enjoy it. Maybe you can post your thoughts about it if you find it sufficiently interesting.

Roger Saner said...

Happy blog birthday, Kevin - it's been fun journeying with you! And congratulations for being the top ranked blog in the religion section of SA Top Sites today (ironic?!).