Monday, May 01, 2006

Some general comments

Will soon be back on track
Apologies that I haven’t been updating my blog as regularly as I like. I’ve just returned from an exciting four-day hike, with my wife and a group of friends, in the Monk’s Cowl region of the Drakensberg. I will soon get back to posting at least one or two articles a week, and I will also respond to some of you who left comments on some of my older articles. So please bear with me, and thank you to all who have commented and taken the time to read my endless ramblings :-)

New email subscription service!
For those of you who would like to know when I update this blog, there is a new option where you can subscribe to email updates (see the top of the side bar). All you need to do is add your email address to the text box, press ‘Subscribe me!’, and complete a simple registration form. You will then receive an email every time this blog has been updated, informing you that a new article has been posted. This service is supplied by
Feedblitz, and you can, if you wish, easily deregister from this service via a link on the email that you receive.

What to look forward to
At the moment I’m working through a few articles that will be posted soon. Some of the topics include:

  • Does evolution depend on the validity of abiogenesis?
  • A question for a young earth creationist.
  • Some reasons to why I don’t accept scientific creationism.
  • A list of what I think are weak arguments used by atheists.
  • Skeptic in training.
  • Pondering Pi Pup.

All the best

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Dar said...

I picture you always having your nose in a book, staring at the stars, and contemplating everything in between. I'm really glad to know that you get out and do things like hike with your wife and friends, and have fun at soccer games. The human connection is what it's all about. Combine that with nature and there's your god...what else is there to know?
Don't drive yourself crazy with TOO much philosophy.